How to get around the requirement for opt-outs in text messages.

Are you frustrated with having your prospects opt out of text messages? A new federal law has come into effect which states that if you text someone from your CRM, there has to be an option for the recipient to opt out of text messages. That can be frustrating for Realtors, but fortunately, I have a few ways around it.

“Within five minutes of receiving a lead, you need to pick up the phone and call them.”

We stopped using our automatic text-generation system—nine out of 10 of our leads would reply “STOP” to our texts, so that’s no longer a useful system. Instead, we’ve decided to call our leads. Within five minutes of receiving a lead, you need to pick up the phone and call them. After all, you still want to talk to them about their home’s value or what’s going on in their area.

Then we send a video email through BombBomb that tells them who we are and that we’re looking to be a resource for them; we’re not trying to spam them. If they are looking for a home, we want to set them up with a listing alert, and if they’re looking for a home evaluation, we want to get their address so we can send them a market report of all comparable homes in the area. The video is important because it helps them put your face to your name and establishes a little trust.

If you have any questions about generating and following up with more buyer and seller prospects, give me a call or send an email. I want all of our colleagues in the industry to be successful. Hope to hear from you soon!