The Top 10 Laws to Achieve Success and Win the Game of Life

1) Be Decisive in all you do: The decisions you make will define your destiny

2) Stay Laser Focused: By focusing on something you want or want to achieve, it becomes like a magnet that pulls you and the resources you need to achieve them

3)Goals: This is a MUST: Write down all the goals you want to achieve each night before going to sleep. The goals must Specific, Measurable, Time Bounded.

4)Planning: Without a plan you will wander like a boat without a rudder

5)Surround Yourself with Positive Successful Influential People: Follow their lead and DO NOT Re-Invent the wheel

6)Encourage Failure: Failure is a MUST if you want to succeed. Embrace it and learn from it

7)Take Action: Do what is necessary each and everyday to get you closer to your prize. Without Action, you will remain in the same spot

8)Inspect what you Expect: Your attention toward your goals will increase Productivity

9)Reward Yourself: You MUST reward yourself once you accomplish your goal. Positive Reinforcement

10)Commitment and Perseverance: Commit yourself, hold yourself accountable, stay focused on your mission

Achievers aren’t born, they are made. They are made just like anything else, through hard work. Hard work is the price you’ll have to pay to achieve your goals/dreams you desire~John R. Salkowski

I’m John R. Salkowski, Founder of Achieve Success Academy, Retired Police Officer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, America’s Leading Authority in Helping PTSD Sufferers Overcome Their Challenges and To Achieve The Success They Deserve so They Can Live The Life They Deserve!