The best ways to handle these three buyer objections in today’s market.

How can you overcome buyer objections in today’s shifting market? As the real estate market shifts and normalizes, many potential buyers have concerns and objections that are creating resistance and making them sit on the fence. Here are three of the most common buyer objections in today’s shifting market and what you can say to overcome them:

1. “I will wait until interest rates drop.” I always recommend against this. It is important to remember that real estate appreciates and if a buyer purchases now, they can always refinance if interest rates decrease later. Furthermore, as interest rates drop, prices typically rise. 

“A skilled agent understands that every objection comes with an opportunity. ”

2. “I’ll just rent for now.” If they do this, they will just be in the same situation one year after. However, if they purchase now, they will accrue appreciation. Also, rates are still historically low, and they will eventually go back down again, which is why buying now is a great opportunity.

3. “House prices are way too expensive.” They’ll even get more expensive, so why not buy now and enjoy the appreciation five years from now? Home prices may seem out of control to some buyers, but real estate always trends up.

Convincing your prospects is more important now than ever because today’s buyers have become fussier. If you can address their concerns and show them the value you can offer, there will be plenty of opportunities waiting for you. If you have questions about any of this, call or email me, I’d love to connect with you!