Here are three easy ways agents can help their buyers win in this market.

During the past week, two agents reached out to me asking how to get their buyers’ offers accepted in the current market. To help with this, here are a few points that will help you.

1. Cooperate with the listing agent. When you write up an offer, make sure to check their presentation of offers to see if they have any specific requirements. Follow those instructions carefully. Then, when you email your offer, structure the email to break down what your offer includes so they can see the bullet points right in front of them and forward it to the seller.

“If you waive inspections, take a thorough look at the house during a showing.”

2. Put up more earnest money and consider waiving inspections. These tactics are a great way to entice buyers; however, I don’t recommend waiving home inspections for just any buyer. It’s the buyer’s choice in my office, and we always have our buyers sign a document stating that it is their choice. That being said, if your buyer really wants the house, I recommend having your contractor or home inspector take a quick look during a second showing. Keep in mind that you have a limited time for showing, so don’t run over and don’t touch things that do not belong to you while showing the home. 

3. Consider paying the transfer tax. This is an especially good option if your client can’t afford to pay much above the list price. It’s a sign of good faith that will go a long way with your seller. 

If you have any questions, please email my office or reach out to one of my team members. There is never any cost or obligation. Now let’s go make a difference this week!