Top Secrets of All Top-Performers & Self-Made Millionaires

Top Secrets of All Top-Performers & Self-Made Millionaires

Learn_from_the_Top_Performers_in_Every_FieldDecisiveness shapes our destinies. Be quick to decide! Our successes are shaped in the moments of decision ~ John R. Salkowski

All top performers and even self-made millionaires know that making decisive, accurate, quality decisions is the key to their success. You don’t rise to the top in your field or industry if you do not like making decisions. Decision making is a skill that is learnable. Top performers and self-made millionaires rise to the top when the pressure is on them. You’ve heard the saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

During my police career, I was often called to situations that required immediate decisive action. Let me give you an example. One Sunday morning as I was on patrol I came across a parked Jeep Wrangler at one of our Township Parks. The lot was posted that no car was permitted to be parked in the lot before 8am. As I began to investigate, I noticed a white male sitting in the driver’s seat wearing no shirt. The man at this catatonic stare and his hair was disheveled. As I pulled into the lot, the Jeep began to pull away quickly as if he was trying to get away from me. At this point, I had no idea what type of situation I had. Thoughts began to race through my mind. It was cold out, he had no shirt on, his appearance was dissheveled, did he just commit a crime, was his vehicle stolen, was he doing drugs, did he have someone in the car that he was holding against their will. As you can see, I had to process my thoughts to make sure I was justified in pursuing this vehicle. More thoughts continued to race through my mind. If I pursued this vehicle over something minor and he crashed into something or someone injuring himself or someone else, was my decision in pursuing this vehicle justified. I had to be decisive and accurate in my decision making.

Due to the unknown situation and the potential severity of a crime being committed, I made the decision to pursue the vehicle. With the help of other Officers, the vehicle was eventually stopped just a few short miles from the original location. It was later determined that the man was in possession of heroin and was shooting up the drug just prior to me witnessing him in the parking lot.

Below are Top Secrets of All Top-Performers and Self-Made Millionaires

Decisions. Top-performers and self-made millionaires are decisive in every area of their life. Decision + Action= Result. Becoming a top-performer and/or a self-made millionaire is a result of being a Champion decision maker that takes the action needed to achieve a huge level of success. We make decisions about our success in every area of life based on our Why not on how society labels us or what naysayers have to say about us.

Beliefs. The day that you realize that you must build your belief to change your life, you’ve made it! You may not yet be a top-performer or financially not yet a self-made millionaire, but the decision to build your belief and develop an attitude of belief-building sets you up to create top-performing capabilities or the physical wealth of millions of dollars. Have you tried to make a lot of money with no belief? Has it worked? I’m certain it hasn’t. You only become a self-made failure with no belief in yourself.

Gut Instincts. Top-performers and self-made millionaires have gut instinct. Being in business for myself for the past 6 years, I can within seconds tell you the character of someone and if I would do business with them. It takes more than education to become a top-performer and/or a self-made millionaire. Just like an animal acting on its instincts when catching its prey, you must rely on your gut instinct to successfully become a top-performer and to build a million dollar business as well as to survive in our cut throat society.

About the Author

John R. Salkowski is a retired Police Officer after an impressive 15 year career who is now a Highly Sought-After Leadership and Motivational Speaker and Trainer. John can speak for crowds ranging from 20-20,000 sharing his unique leadership strategies in his signature presentation:

“Leadership in the Line of Duty”™
Split-Second Decision Secrets Revealed that All Top-Performers and Self-Made Millionaires Know ™

John regularly speaks for a variety of leaders (ranging from entry level to experienced executives) for corporations, business groups, associations, colleges, universities, youth groups and sports organizations. Pulling from his 15 years of real world, in-the-trenches (and even life and death) Law Enforcement situations, John now teaches leaders one of the most important key components of leadership (that is often overlooked):

“How to make split-second leadership decisions when the direction and success of your organization depends on it!”

John has received numerous distinguished awards for Bravery, Merit and Unit Citations. He has also received several employee recognition awards for serving as a leader within his community, including being featured in the Philadelphia Magazine as one of the area’s Top Business Leaders.

Any organization that wants to develop their people into becoming “Extraordinary Leaders” needs to hire John for a keynote and/or workshop training.

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