Top Qualities You Never Want to Possess

Top Qualities You Never Want to Possess

We weren’t born to be mediocre. We were born to be champions. If you don’t want to be a champion in life, then why be on this planet ~ John Salkowski   I truly believe everyone on earth has what it takes to be a success, everyone has top qualities and to live an extraordinary life.

Being successful in life is more than money. Being successful is living life on your terms but also making an influential, impactful mark on those around you. However, there is a reason why you are not in the top 1% of your field and/or profession.

Below are the top reasons why you are a 99%er and not living up to your true potential of being a top 1%er.

1. Laziness

This may offend a lot of people however you are lazy if you are not accomplishing what you want. Ask yourself, “Are you lazy?”

2. Entitlement

If there is one word I despise, it’s this word. The only thing we as human beings are entitled to is the opportunity we create for ourselves. No one owes you a living! Get over yourself.

3. Fear

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. Stop being afraid of failure, stop being afraid of what others may think. Are they putting food on your table? Are they paying your bills? No! So move pass fear and just make it happen. Remember this, “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain”.

4. Negativity

Great minds discuss opportunities, small minds discuss people. You are who you associate with. Do they drag you down? Do they talk about others? If so, make a change today and boot these negative losers out of your life for good. Surround yourself with people that lift, push and encourage you to go farther.

5. Make a Decision

Do you have a hard time deciding on things? The quickest way to failure is analysis, paralysis. Stop over thinking things. Doers get what they want and the rest get what they get.

6. Having No Goals

What you focus on focuses on you. Stop waiting for something to happen. Stop playing things by ear. There is no such thing as magic. Success will not just appear.

7. Blaming Other People

Blaming others is for the weak. Pointing the finger is poor leadership. We see that going on a lot in this world today. You are the only one that controls your destiny. Blaming others makes you look bad. Take responsibility for your own life and make it happen!

8. Excuses

Making excuses is lame. It’s for people that refuse to take responsibility. It’s for those that are spineless.

9. Wasting Time

Stop wasting your life away by doing things that don’t matter. Work on things that are productive. The things that will get you to where you want to be.

10. Social B.S.

Is playing games on face book or idle chatter making you any better? Is it making you any money? If it’s not pushing you closer to achieving your goals, stop doing it.

11. Thinking Too Small

You need to dream big dreams. You need to understand that you can accomplish anything you put your mind too.

12. Not Wanting It Enough

You need to want success as bad as you need the air you breathe. Period! If not, then you don’t want it bad enough.

13. Not Believing

We are trained to believe we aren’t worthy. That’s BS. Success is only reserved for those people, right? Wrong! Success all starts with a believing mind-set! It all starts in your head.

You have greatness within you.

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