7 Mistakes Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid

7 Mistakes Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid

Top 7 Mistakes Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid

Making mistakes is part of our success journey, however successful people avoid certain ones ~ John R. Salkowski  When you dream, dream big, when you think, think big, when you love, love big. Everything we do starts with a choice and ends with a decision. Success and happiness are choices and decisions we make. There are no excuses for not getting the very best out of your life. Hence, there are no excuses for living in a way that consistently makes you unhappy and unsuccessful.

The Top 7 Mistakes

1) Losing track of your goals and ideals

Knowing who you are is one thing, but truly believing and living as yourself is another. With all the social conditioning in our society we sometimes forget to stay true to ourselves and the people that matter most. Don’t lose yourself to everything that is out there. In this crazy world that’s trying to make you like everyone else, stay true to yourself and continue your journey anyway.

2) Using failed excuses

Life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you WANT to meet. Life puts you in touch with the people you NEED to meet; to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to gradually strengthen you into the person you were meant to become.

3) Changing & sacrificing who you are to satisfy others

No matter how loud their opinions are, others cannot choose who you are. The question should not be, “Why don’t they like me when I’m being me?” It should be, “Why am I wasting my time worrying what they think of me?” If you are not hurting anyone with your actions, keep moving forward with your life. Be happy, be successful and be YOU.  In turn, if others don’t like it, who cares and move on. The quickest was to fail in life is trying to please everyone.

4) Putting up with negative people and negative thinking

Get rid of all the drama and the people who create it out of your life. Surround yourself with those who lift you higher, make you better and make you happy. Love those who treat you right and pray for the ones who don’t. Therefore, forget the negative and focus on the positive. Life is too short to be anything but successful and happy. Making mistakes and falling down is a part of life, but getting back up, wiping off your knees and elbows and moving on is what life is all about.

5) Focusing your attention on another time and place

This day will never happen again. It will be gone forever. Enjoy it. Cherish it. Spend it with those that matter. It’s often hard to tell the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Someday you may just discover that the small things were really the big things. Learn to appreciate what you have before time forces you to appreciate what you once had.

6) Thinking that you have already missed your chance

Your life, with all its ups and downs, has molded you to where you are today. Your life has been exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the current moment. Every moment of your life, including this one right now is a fresh start. If you have the courage to admit when you’re scared, the ability to admit when you’re wrong, the boldness to speak up even if your voice is shaking, the confidence to ask for help when you need it and the wisdom to take it when it’s offered, then you have everything you need to get yourself to a better place.

7) Dealing with the stress of deceiving others

If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT and if you say you’re going to be somewhere, BE THERE! If you say you feel something, MEAN IT and if you can’t, won’t, and don’t, then DON’T LIE. It’s always better to tell people the truth up front. Live in such a way that if someone decided to attack your character, no one would believe it. Live so that when the people around you think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.

Successful entrepreneurs are not prisoners in their own minds. They break free from all the negative people, concepts, choices and ideas that hold them back from truly living instead of just existing. They tell the negativity committee that meets inside their heads to sit down, shut up and get out of their way ~ John R. Salkowski

About the Author

John R. Salkowski is a retired Police Officer after an impressive 15 year career who is now a Highly Sought-After Leadership and Motivational Speaker and Trainer. John has wowed audiences ranging from 20-20,000 sharing his unique Leadership strategies in his signature presentation:

Leadership in the Line of Duty™
Split-Second Decision Secrets Revealed that All Top-Performers and Self-Made Millionaires Want to Know ™

John regularly speaks for a variety of leaders (ranging from entry level to experienced executives) for corporations, business groups, associations, colleges, universities, youth groups and sports organizations. Pulling from his 15 years of real world, in-the-trenches (and even life and death) Law Enforcement experiences, John now teaches leaders one of the most important key components of leadership (that is often overlooked):

“How to make Split-Second Leadership Decisions when the Direction and Success of your Organization depends on it!”

John has received numerous distinguished awards for Bravery, Merit and Unit Citations. He has also received media attention for serving as a leader within his community, including being featured in the Philadelphia Magazine as one of the area’s Top Business Leaders.

Any organization that wants to develop their people into becoming “Extraordinary Leaders” needs to hire John for a keynote and/or workshop training.

To request John speak at your next event, please email his office at John@JohnSalkowski.com

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