Top 5 Ways To Stop Feeling Like Your in Prison Monday Through Friday!

Top 5 Ways To Stop Feeling Like Your in Prison Monday Through Friday!

Feeling Like Your in Prison

America is the land of the second chance and when the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life~George W. Bush

Do you feel your anxiety level going up before your work week starts? Do you sleep really sound on Sunday night knowing that Monday morning is just hours away? Do you stress all week wishing it were Friday?

I know exactly how you feel and I’ve been where you are.  I, too was a slave to the clock and I, too was trading time for dollars. It came a time that my anxiety level was so high that I had to make an urgent decision whether to stay or leave. It was affecting all aspects of my life.  I did not want this life to feel like a prison.
My mind was like directing traffic in a busy intersection in downtown New York City in rush hour. It kept me up at night. I was bombarded by different thoughts such as what will I do, will I make it, can I earn the same amount, will I be happier, will I lose everything that I worked so hard for.
If you know me or have read my previous blogs then you know that I am a huge proponent of listening to your inner-voice. It is spot on every time. Period. If you choose to listen to it. Some people choose to ignore it. Some choose to over-ride it. I choose to listen to it.

Scared to Death

A fear of the unknown keeps a lot of people from leaving bad situations~Kathie Lee Gifford

The fear of the unknown is the scariest of all. Not knowing how things will turn out. Not knowing where you’ll end up. Will you lose everything? Who will I let down? People want to see you fail. It’s a fact of life. People love negativity. They love to hear gossip of others. Mostly negative gossip.

Very seldom will you hear of anyone talking about your successes. Face it, it’s a fact of life that negativity sells. So what! You don’t have to be a part of it. Who cares what others think. No one is paying your bills nor are they putting food on your table. No one is providing you shelter. So who cares about what people have to say.  You must do what’s best for you and only you.

Failure Is No Option

The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows~Buddha
I made a conscious decision to leave a secure job with health benefits and 5 weeks of vacation after 15yrs. So many people ask me Why are you doing this? How can you do this? Isn’t it scary leaving security?
They are all valid questions. However, I personally believe security breeds comfort. Security breeds not fully living up to your true potential. You see, I am driven by success. I push myself to unbelievable limits. I am extremely disciplined. It’s the way I am made. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own opinion about security. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s truly based on ones personal ideologies.
Your personality must be conducive with leaving security. If you long for the security of having a solid job, making a living, having health benefits and vacation than this blog isn’t for you. Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting these things. Frankly, I believe the general population is brought up this way. It boils down to what makes you happy. Period!

Here are the Top 5 Ways to Overcome Your Prison Sentence:

1) Do What You Love

It is hard to argue with this one.  Have you ever found anyone that is successful doing something they hate?  I guess you can take the definition of success to any extreme, but I have a hard time accepting that anyone living in misery doing something they hate can be called successful.  Naturally, doing what you love gets you the motivation and the excitement required to achieve success.  In fact, for many, doing what you love is success in and of itself.

2) Follow Your Passion & Perfect Your Game

If your definition of success is being great at something then studies have shown that the secret to success is to practice at perfecting your game and following your passion. These studies even argue that natural talent is irrelevant and that it’s all about practice and passion.

3) Be Unique

It’s hard to imagine a clone being a symbol of success. Success is about bringing your own unique ways into the world, adding diversity and value. Most experts will agree that if you want to be successful you have to find your niche, you have to find ways to leverage your own unique gifts.

4) Believe in Yourself

I have yet to find a successful man or woman who does not believe in themselves. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Studies have shown that success is influenced by your mindset. If you want to be successful, start believing in yourself at once.

5) Never Ever Give Up

Last but not least, you must never ever give up. Every successful guru will tell you this. To be successful you must persist through your failures, criticisms, rejections and all the other negative things in life. Success is a journey, not a destination. In your journey of success, the only time you can say you are not a success is when you give up on your journey.
You can remove this feeling of life like a prison.
I’m John R. Salkowski, Founder of Achieve Success Academy, Retired Police Officer, Survivor of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Leading Authority on Conquering your Fear, Overcoming Your Adversity & Achieving Greater Success in Your Life. Speaker, Entrepreneur and Self-Made Man.
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