Success Starts With A Positive Mindset

Success Starts With A Positive Mindset

Mindset Reset

In order to become what you desire to become, it all begins with the right mindset ~ John Salkowski

In order to be a success in any endeavor in life, I believe you must first study it. If you want to be happy, study happiness.  In turn, if you want to be wealthy, study wealth. If you want to be healthy, study health. It all starts with a study and then that study needs to become a practice.

If you read any success literature, the author discusses the power of the right mind set. Maintaining a positive mind set is critical when you want to achieve anything. However, having the right mindset is easier said than done.

Below are some tips for maintaining a positive mindset no matter what’s going on in your life?

1. Start Your Day Off Powerful

Did you know that Monday mornings is the day that most people have heart attacks? Do you know why? Majority of the population hate their jobs. Think about how this negative energy starts off your day? How can one possibly start off with a positive mindset when they hate their job? Positive people create a morning ritual that reinforces how great life is and how happy they are to be alive. Create your own positive ritual(s) that get you in the positive mindset so you start your day off in a powerful way! Get in the proper state from the get-go!

2. Exercise Should Be Your Drug of Choice

Exercise releases a chemical into your bloodstream that makes you feel great. What better way to start your day off in a powerful way and to get you into the right mindset.

3. Use Literature, Audio, Videos to Overload Your Brain with Positivity

There are millions of amazing books, articles, audios and videos for you to absorb from others who are inspiring and living the life of their dreams. Tap into their positive emotions and their experience by learning how they think and what they do to create the lives they want. You can do this in the morning or while exercising, eating or commuting… there’s always time for positivity.

4. Your Self-Talk Shapes Your Thoughts

Little changes can generate huge results when it comes to what you say to yourself. Instead of using mediocre words when greeted like, fine, ok, good. Use words such as terrific, awesome, amazing, and fantastic. Just by changing the words you use, your subconscious mind believes you are awesome, amazing, fantastic, terrific which in turn has a huge positive impact on your mindset.

5. Garbage In, Garbage Out. They Lied To You!

This is an expression we all have heard at one point or another in our lives. However, whoever sold you on this lied to you! It should read garbage in, garbage stays. Garbage stays inside you causing havoc inside your mind and body. It’s like a disease. So if you’re feeding yourself with negativity all day long then it’s pretty obvious you’re going to be feeling negative as well. Refuse to allow garbage inside your mind. The media including news and TV thrive on negativity. Refuse to watch it, refuse to listen to it, and refuse to associate with it. Put yourself on a negativity diet and watch how much easier it is to maintain your positive mindset.

There you have it, 5 tips to maintaining a positive mindset that will lead you on a journey to having everything you want in life.

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John Salkowski is a retired Police Officer after an impressive 15 year career who is now a Highly Sought-After Leadership and Motivational Speaker and Trainer. John has wowed audiences ranging from 20-20,000 sharing his unique Leadership strategies in his signature presentation:

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John regularly speaks for a variety of leaders (ranging from entry level to experienced executives) for corporations, business groups, associations, colleges, universities, youth groups and sports organizations. Pulling from his 15 years of real world, in-the-trenches (and even life and death) Law Enforcement experiences, John now teaches leaders one of the most important key components of leadership (that is often overlooked):

“How to make Split-Second Leadership Decisions when the Direction and Success of your Organization depends on it!”

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