Want Results? Then Get Committed

Want Results? Then Get Committed

0ebd1efThere is no such thing as luck. Luck is created and it starts with being committed – John Salkowski

Want results? Then you better get committed.

In the game of life, I have never known anyone who achieved great success by simply being interested in what they do. The road to success is littered with people who are interested in achieving something. But it takes more than interest, or even passion or desire. It takes commitment to be great at something. Take it from me, treating something as a hobby will not make you great.

This concept of interest vs. commitment is something that hit me like a ton of bricks while in Boston at a mastermind event. I now share this with my colleagues, mastermind groups and clients all the time. If you want serious, scalable results you must stop being merely interested in something and get committed to excellence quickly. Stop dabbling in this or that and commit yourself or you will never see the success you deserve.

This translates to all areas of life and business. As the CEO of our own life or even our business, it’s our responsibility to set expectations and show our commitment to those expectations. I would suspect there isn’t a single person I know who doubts my daily commitment to life, business or even to my own personal development and success.

When evaluating people, you need to see commitment in their actions and not just hear a bunch of words about how great they want to be and what they want to accomplish. Talk is cheap and it doesn’t get the job done.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, if you have a team of people who are “interested” in being successful, trust that you will end up investing a lot of time and money for little return. If you invest in developing and helping “committed” individuals become great at their craft, you’ll surely see a positive return from that investment. Guaranteed. That’s right, I said guaranteed. I am speaking from experience here.

Everyone has tough days and there will be days when we as leaders in our lives and business will need to challenge ourselves to be committed. How do we accomplish this? We must find out what drives and motivates us, both personally and professionally. What are our goals and where do we want to be professionally and even financially over the next six to 18 month period?

What’s sickening to me is that everyone these days wants instant gratification. Remember this, “If it’s easy it’s sleazy. If it’s easy, it’s not worth having.” People want success now, and few are willing to commit to it and be patient. However, if you get committed and stay committed you will build momentum and ultimately achieve great things in your personal and professional life.

Building a great life and business is no easy task. If you think it’s going to happen overnight you better rethink it. It really is that simple. You better change your interest to a commitment. You as the leader must have an unwavering commitment to the success of yourself and of those around you.

Good leadership is invaluable to one’s career trajectory. Too often, people give half-hearten effort which leads to mediocre results. Success in anything is never accidental – ask any successful individual and they’ll tell you there is no such thing as luck. Luck is created. Luck starts and stops with commitment, not interest.

Want results? Then commit to being successful or get ready to be passed by those who are.

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