To Recharge We Must Take a Break from Everyday Life

To Recharge We Must Take a Break from Everyday Life

If you want to run at full capacity you must learn to take a break and recharge ~

Sometimes you have to detach from life, seek a place of solitude to get away to just rest and relax. Even though we may think we are unstoppable machines, we need to break the routine and take a break from the everyday life.

We have so much going on in our lives that sometimes we don’t take the time we need to free our minds and bodies from the stress that can occur during our busy schedules. If you don’t take time away from the everyday stresses you may be risking your health. Now, I don’t necessary mean you have to spend money on expensive vacations to get away. Getting away could mean turning off your cell phone, turning off your computer, turning off your televisions for a day or even a weekend.

Below are some tips that I practice to get away from our stresses that life may throw at us:

1) Turn off Social Media – Get away from reading or interacting with people and things that may heighten our stress and anxiety
2) Turn off cell phone for a weekend – Put a voice message on your cell phone that you are not available until a certain date.
3) Turn off the television – The television, especially the news can be very negative. Negativity can heighten your stress and anxiety.
4) Read a book – Sit in a quiet place without interruption to read your favorite book that you have been putting off.
5) Visit a spa – Schedule a stress relieving massage
6) Meditate – Lie quietly and listen to soothing music and think of your happy place.
7) Take a hot shower – Taking a hot shower can soothe and relax you like nothing else.
8) Go for a walk – Clear your head by taking a nice walk
9) Sit on the beach – This is one of my all-time favorites. I can relax on the beach like no other place on earth.
10) Take a nap – Taking a nap can take the edge off.

There you have it. My tips on recharging and taking your life back in full force. I would suggest you practice these tips as often as you feel the need too.

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