Nick Saban: What makes this Great Coach, Mentor and Leader Tick?

Nick Saban: What makes this Great Coach, Mentor and Leader Tick?

“It’s not going to get fixed until everybody takes responsibility for it. Like one of those old West Virginia proverbs that I always talk about. A man benefits directly from a mistake, relative to how much it bothers him. I can tell you I didn’t sleep very much, so it bothers the hell out of me.” ~ Nick Saban

If you want to figure out what makes Nick Saban tick, start with the little things. What really separates Saban from the crowd is his organizational modus operandi. Nick Saban calls it, “The Process”. It’s an approach he implemented first in turnarounds at Michigan State and LSU and seems to have perfected “The Process” at Alabama. He has a plan for everything. He has a detailed program for his players to follow, and he’s highly regimented. Above all, Saban keeps his players and coaches focused on execution – yes, another word for process – rather than results.

Thank “The Process”, which involves an almost inhuman work ethic, relentlessness and energy level.

“You see how he works day in and day out, every day,” says strength coach Scott Cochran. “And then you see how exhausted you would be, or you are, at that time and he’s still going hard, he’s still attacking. It doesn’t matter whether he was up all night or had to take a recruiting trip and come back. He doesn’t have a tired side. He doesn’t have a down side. And I’m the strength coach, so you think I can have one? No way!”

“Nick is all about focus –on one thing,” Belichick writes of Saban. “Whether it is the next opponent, the next practice, or the next recruit, he has the ability—at any given time to devote his absolute attention and energy to solving the problem or challenge at hand before moving to the next one.”

What amazes me about Saban is the process he uses for recruiting the top blue chippers in the country. He uses a precise mathematical equation for each recruit, their position such as their height, speed, flexibility and strength. Here’s an example: His offensive lineman have to be a certain height, weight and strength to be even considered. However, what is most important is the drills he puts his recruits through. If the recruit is in a 3-point stance and his heels are not on the ground, he doesn’t recruit them. No matter how good they are, he will not recruit them because of their flexibility.

Saban is a brain surgeon in a college head coaching role. Simply brilliant!

My research of Nick Saban reveals these top qualities that make him an All-Time Great Leader on and off the field:

1) Intelligent ~ Studies and masters at becoming great.

2) Relentless ~ He never gives in or gives up.

3) Intense ~ Losing is no option

4) Demands Accountability ~ Respects only those that take responsibility for their actions.

5) Driven ~ Wants to be the greatest of all-time.

6) Focused ~ Is all about his modus operanti.

7) Disciplined ~ Gets things accomplished at whatever expense.

What really separates Saban from the crowd is his organizational modus operandi. There you have it, follow in the footsteps of this great leader and start building your leadership qualities today!

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