Master Your Time with the “One Touch Rule”

Master Your Time with the “One Touch Rule”

Master Your Time

Disorganization can waste a lot of time and cause a lot of stress. Adopting the “one-touch rule” which means: process that task the first time you touch it until completion.

Committing to this rule helps you get things done right away without a bunch of half-done tasks building up. Mastering this process, also builds the habit of starting things only when you’re ready.

It’s a simple trick to help you batch your work into scheduled, focus blocks: you won’t begin a task until you’re ready to give it your full attention.

Of course, not everything can be done this way, but think of it as a guideline more than a rule. Aim to prioritize your work better and stop leaving tasks half-finished.

The ‘One Touch’ Time Mastery Strategy: Cutting Down the Little Tasks

This is where the “one-touch” time mastery strategy comes in and saves the day. Instead of taking multiple stabs at dealing with certain task, I only get one chance. Once I touch it, I stay with it until completion and then move on to the next task from there. I have to completely deal with it right there and then and there’s no going back. Then it’s gone and out of my life.

How to Implement the One Touch Approach on Anything

1. Identify the problem. No need to spend much time breaking the problem down. It’s simple in most cases. If you touch it, you complete it.

2. Determine how long it will take to deal with it. My one-touch method incorporates David Allen’s Two Minute Rule in Getting Things Done. The Two Minute Rule says that if it’s something you must do and it will take you less than two minutes, do it right away.

3. Once beginning to deal with the problem, follow through until the process is complete. In this case, replying to the email takes less than two minutes, so I would respond and send my message immediately. Once I do this: process complete. One touch success. Done.

However, once you commit to solving the problem, you must complete the action 100%. A failed time mastery approach would simply be touching something that must be completed and than stopping. This failed approach leads to no results and wasted time.

Prioritize your task. Take on the most important, time sensitive task first and move on from there. I can assure you, if you master this skill, your productivity will skyrocket and you’ll experience more time freedom.

If you touch it, you complete the task in its entirety.

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