Nothing Great was ever Achieved with a Negative Attitude

Nothing Great was ever Achieved with a Negative Attitude

Nothing great was ever achieved with a negative attitude ~ John R. Salkowski

Limited Belief System

Have you ever been around someone with a negative attitude and limited beliefs on just about everything? Sure you have. I know I have. Did you notice any changes in your attitude? You heard the expression, “You are who you associate with.” Being around negative people will most definitely limit your beliefs, change your attitude and ultimately limit your success.

The main cause of a negative attitude is wrong beliefs about life, work, relationships, money or certain aspects of each one. You see your life through your beliefs or through the beliefs of others and if your beliefs are negative, you will see your life as negative, worthless, unhappy or downright pointless. So to change your attitude you need to change your belief system.

Negative family/friends or associates

It has been said that no one can change your attitude but you. I agree and disagree with this. I truly believe that who you associate with can change your attitude and influence your behaviors. I know this may seem unreal to those who hear it for the first time, but you and only you can decide how to react to anything that happens to you. If you allow others to decide your attitude, you allow them to have control over you. This, my fellow achievers, will ultimately limit your success if you allow others to choose for you.

We have two choices. Those choices are positive or negative. I, personally have family members and friends that have the “glass half empty attitude.” I choose to limit my time and conversation with them. If their attitude is really that bad, I refuse to go anywhere near them. In order for me to stay positive and stay on my flight plan for achieving success, I refuse to allow them to reinforce any negative beliefs and thus cause my attitude to become negative. Remember this achievers, you were attracted to your friends for a reason, therefore you have the power to attract ones with more of a positive, success oriented attitude.

Limited beliefs=Limited successes ~ John R. Salkowski

Negative environment

You have the power to attract what environment to be in. We all know right from wrong. If your environment is negative and is making your attitude run the opposite way of success, you need to change it now. There are no accidents when it comes to what environment you choose to live in. Change your negative environment and attitude, you change your life.

Unfortunate circumstances

If you find yourself complaining about your unfortunate circumstances you were dealt, it’s exactly the reason why you have such a negative attitude. It may be hard at first to understand and accept this, however the quicker you do; the quicker you will be able to change your life for the better. Your complaining alone can and will keep you stuck in those circumstances. To change your circumstances you should stop complaining now and start working on changing your life for the better.

Let me give you a taste of the unfortunate circumstance that I was allowing my life to spiral out of control like a skydiver with no chute. In the line of duty in 2000, I had to make a split-second decision that would change my life forever. That split-second decision was to shoot or don’t shoot or get killed. I chose to shoot and terminate my life threatening situation. However, the aftermath of this shoot and kill incident was so horrific, I began to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. The nightmares, anxiety, stress, cold-sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, suicidal, homicidal thoughts were overtaking me and my life. In order for my life to change, I had to make a change. I had to change my negative attitude. You’ve heard me say this before, “You attract and become what you think about most”. I had my daughter to think about. So, I changed my attitude by determining what my biggest “Why” was. My “Why” was a little girl that needed a role model? That little girl is my beautiful daughter, Alexa. What’s your biggest “Why”?

A negative attitude will not only limit your success in life, it will also shorten your life span, creates an unpleasant future, harms others and produces negative effects in your life.

You can and will change from negative to positive if you commit yourself, however it won’t be easy. You must take baby steps with consistent progress each and every day. Here are some of the tips that I have used in my own life over a 6 year period: Turn off the television and pick up a self-help book, read a book a week, disassociate with negativity, turn off the car stereo and use your car as a traveling university by listening to cd’s that will assist you in reaching your goal. The sooner you start changing, the sooner you will reap the benefits. People will start treating you differently and you will notice opportunities everywhere you go. You will start seeing the world as full of happiness and possibilities. This, my fellow achievers, will pave your way to a more successful, positive life with endless possibilities. You can do it!

I’m John R. Salkowski, Founder of™, Retired Cop, Survivor of PTSD stemming from a shoot and kill robbery incident, Expert on Leadership, Success, Overcoming Adversity, Fear & PTSD, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author of 3 books; Leadership in The Line of Duty™: 50 Leadership Lessons for Making Split-Second Decisions from a Cop Who Has Been in Life and Death Situations, Leadership in The Line of Duty™: Success Thoughts and Quotes for Leaders and Nothing But Net: Top Secrets to increase your bottom line, Health, Wealth & Success.

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    1. Thank you Sean. I appreciate you and your time to read and comment on this article. We all need a guide to direct us on the right path. Just like an aircraft needs a flight plan, we need our own flight plan so we can be more, achieve more and to make our own mark on this earth.

  1. John – another great article chock-full of excellent advice! Unfortunately in life there will always be people who are negative, and might even want to bring you down to their level instead of coming up to yours. In order to be happy and successful you must ditch the unhappy and the negative. As the old saying goes – “It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re stuck on the ground with the turkeys.”

    Once again John, thanks and great job!


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