To Achieve More, You Must Become More

To Achieve More, You Must Become More

“If you want to have more, you must become more” ~ Jim Rohn

Do ever feel like you are running as fast as you can yet you never feel like you’re getting anywhere? Have you ever thought about how you look at yourself and your life? Something very powerful rests at the core of all this: the lens through which we view our lives is known as our paradigms.

Old paradigm: Do so you can have so you can be. New paradigm: Be so you can do so you can have.

The old paradigm indicates that the belief we have determines who we will be. Have you ever met or even known someone that doesn’t have very much, yet they are the happiest and most fulfilled person? Have you ever met or even known someone who has an enormous amount of money and material goods, yet their life is hollow and unfulfilling. We all do.

How can someone have everything they’ve ever wanted and yet be so empty and unhappy? And how can one have so little and yet be so happy and content? Happiness and fulfillment are not created by material wealth or possessions alone but rather by whom we are being and what we are doing.

I’m not suggesting that we all take a vow to be poor. There’s nothing wrong with having things. The problems arise when we sacrifice who we are for the sake of having more. When we do that, we will never ever have enough.

The new paradigm embraces the belief that when our life choices are informed by who we are being (our values and vision), what we do (our mission) is a natural extension of this, and what we have (our possessions) is enough. When you operate under this new paradigm—be so you can do so you can have—you make a shift in your entire belief system. You are no longer willing to negotiate who you are being so you can have more.

“Everyone has a purpose in life, a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” ~ Deepak Chopra

In November 2011-June 2012, when I began to write my first book, I ended up writing 4 books, all while operating 3 companies. I couldn’t get beyond writing the outlines. I continually tried and tried to carve out time to write my books, and yet nothing ever came of it. I was so determined to do this that it kept me up at night. I would have a note pad and pen sitting on my night stand and when I would awake with a thought, I’d write it down. I finally discovered that the reason I was having difficulty in writing my books was because of the way I was being (overwhelmed, unbalanced, poor time-manager) which was not congruent with the core message of my book. Once my life focus shifted from doing more things to being in peace, harmony and balance and aligning with my life purpose, my thoughts to keyboard started to flow so very smoothly. I blocked out every day from 5am-9am, 7 days a week until the book was complete.

Looking back, the past 4 years were huge personal development years for me and I was inspiring up a lot of my own beliefs. I was in the midst of making a huge paradigm shift. By November 2011, I felt compelled to write my book and I could not stop! I sat down at the keyboard and effortlessly downloaded the words from my brain onto my computer and I am proud to say that the one book turned into 4 books. If I can do this, so can you!

The power of making this shift applies to everyone, whether you are writing a book or building a business. Who are you being right now? If you are not currently living the life of your dreams what do you need to do right now to start?

Here’s a powerful question to ask yourself right NOW: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years with your health, business/profession, marriage/relationship, family, finances, emotional/spiritual life etc.) If you continue to do what you are doing and being who you’re being right now?

Here are the Top Strategies to Achieve More, You Must Be More:

1) Planning Your Future– If you don’t know where you are going then any road will get you there. Your planning must be specific and measurable. You must take time to examine the details of every aspect of your life, personal and professional, to achieve unified success and happiness.

2) Decide the Who, Not the What– Decide who you want to be, not what you want to be doing. If you know who you want to be, you can detail what to do and the resources you will need.

3) Consider the Tools around You, Old and New
– Every resource is important.

4) Be Honest with yourself– You’ll need to challenge yourself constantly to get to the truth of who we are and who we wish to be. Be honest with yourself.

5) Ignore the Naysayers– Constructive criticism is okay. But outside perspective that is baseless (think dissatisfied family or friends) is destructive for achievers. Put these people in a box where they can’t distract you from your ambitions. Find people who get it, and put them in your corner. Engage them in your chosen future, and help them achieve theirs.

6) Don’t Settle for Mediocrity– You should push yourself to the limits of your potential. Too many people settle for what is easy rather than engage their energy and creativity to create something different, significant and meaningful. Resolve to pursue the Awesome Experience.

I’m John R. Salkowski, Founder of™, Retired Cop, Survivor of PTSD stemming from a shoot and kill robbery incident, Expert on Leadership, Success, Overcoming Adversity, Fear & PTSD, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author of 3 books; Leadership in The Line of Duty™: 50 Leadership Lessons for Making Split-Second Decisions from a Cop Who Has Been in Life and Death Situations, Leadership in The Line of Duty™: Success Thoughts and Quotes for Leaders and Nothing But Net: Top Secrets to increase your bottom line, Health, Wealth & Success.

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