Leadership | Entrepreneurial Breakthroughs: Developing Critical Decision Making Skills

Leadership | Entrepreneurial Breakthroughs: Developing Critical Decision Making Skills

Critical thinkingA real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided ~ Tony Robbins

Decision making is the most important essential leadership/entrepreneurial skill one must possess to achieve great success. If you can learn how to make timely and even split-second, well-considered decisions, then you can lead yourself and/or your team to well-deserved achievement. If, however, you make poor decisions, your time as a leader/entrepreneur will be brutally short.

It’s a valuable asset to be able to make fast, split-second accurate decisions. It’s sometimes called “thinking on your feet.” We make these types of decisions in our everyday lives, even if we are not aware of them. Sometimes the most important decisions need to be made quickly, and you can find yourself “frozen,” unable to find a solution. If you find yourself needing to make decisions more quickly, then you should use critical thinking skills to evaluate your options and feel confident in your decision. There are a number of steps that go into quick, split-second decision-making, and practicing them every day can help expedite everyday decision-making.

1) Identify the decision to be made: Isolate the problem so that a decision can be made. Ask for clarifications, if the decision to be made is not clear. You cannot make a quick decision if you are not familiar with the problem. Just like solving a problem in a math class, if you don’t understand an element of the criteria, you will not be able to solve it.

2) Reduce the emotion involved: Ask yourself whether the outcome of the decision impacts your life greatly. If not, removing the stress and/or frustration can help you clear your mind and make a more intelligent decision.

3) Be honest and ruthless with your choices: Cut out any options that you know you will not choose. This will help to narrow down your options. Understand that in many situations, indecision is not a choice. No decision is worse than a bad decision. There are rarely perfect decisions. Realize that each option may also have cons. The trick to quick, split-second decision making is choosing the best option with the information and criteria you have at hand.

4) Use critical thinking skills: Critical thinking is a high-order of reasoning that values observation, experience, analysis and reflection. Take a few moments to visualize the results with each option before deciding. Make a mental note of the pros and cons and choose the best option.

5) Consider your gut instincts (Intuition) if you have not reached a decision: Quick, split-second decision-making in a crisis is sometimes called “reactive” decision-making, because it is a reaction to stimulus. These decisions are often made based on your critical-thinking skills. In a study, researchers reported that people often feel regret for making quick, split-second decisions even when they were correct. They noted that making these decisions does not make them more likely to be inaccurate. Their decisions were positive but their perceptions were negative. Do you do this? Understanding it may make you happier with your decision.

6) Communicate your decision: Putting your decision into action may allow others to make their decisions. Like Tony Robbins says, the fact that you made a decision and took action is the real measure of decision making.

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