It’s Thanksgiving week: What are you most thankful for?

It’s Thanksgiving week: What are you most thankful for?

In our everyday hustle and bustle we tend to forget about what really matters in our lives. Take a moment to sit quietly to reflect on all that you are most grateful for ~ John R. Salkowski

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a week where I tend to slow down and take the time to reflect on what I am most grateful for. We tend to forget about the small things in life. The truth is, it’s the small things in our lives that matter the most.

Here are the top things that I am most thankful and grateful for in my life:

My beautiful daughter

My daughter, Alexa is a fun loving, gentle, warm soul, intelligent and beautiful 10 year old. She is funny, loves to play hide and seek and loves to scare her daddy by hiding and popping out where I least expect it. Her presence can turn a stressful day into a day where nothing seems impossible. I have her to thank for my mental well-being and for keeping me grounded. She is my “Why”. She is why I work so tirelessly to be more and too achieve more. I’ve never experienced unconditional love before in my life—someone who expects nothing more from me than what I can give. She has my back in any moment of stress or heartache. I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without her, and for that, I’m so unbelievably thankful.

My Health

I’m thankful for realizing the importance of health by living a clean lifestyle which I teach to my daughter. I’m talking about all aspects of health from what you consume, how much sleep you get, brain health, and physical exercise as well as taking time for mental health. They’re all important. Without our health, what do we really have? Over the past 6 years, my life has changed so much for the better. It has brought me places where I’ve never imagined I’d be. I’m 43 years old now and I plan on living to be 100 year old, still as active and healthy as I am today.

My Time

This year, especially, I’ve grown very fond of how important time is as well as the concept of it. Time is the one thing you will never get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. You must spend your time wisely in all you do. I’m thankful of the time I’ve spent in every moment of my life—good and bad—because I know I wouldn’t be the same without having lived every single minute. I’m thankful that I have the time to tell everyone in my life who matters most how much they mean to me. What a shame it would be to leave such a simple, yet important, gratitude left unsaid to someone you care about. Tell someone today what they mean to you. It’s the greatest feeling on the planet.

My Solitude

Taking time to actively be alone is one of the most underrated forms of self-help. If you are not happy being alone, you will not be happy with someone in your life. My daily meditations are a time to check out and allow my mind to experience a period of no thought. Before I started this completely secular form of meditation, I don’t know if I had ever truly relaxed. This simple 20-minute time period has altered my outlook on the day ahead as well as my life ahead. I can be more positive and attentive because my mind doesn’t have to work as hard. When I spend quiet time alone, everything is put into perspective. You become more rational, more grateful for who you are, what you do and for the people that matter the most in your life. Solitude is the best form of a mental health day, which we all tend to need from time to time.

My People

I was going to put friends and family; instead I titled it, “My People” as the heading for this paragraph. I wanted to include everyone that has touched my life. And it’s “my people” that I’m really thankful for this year. I’ve met so many amazing people in my lifetime who have inspired me as mentors, leaders and role models. Some of those people have no idea how inspirational they are to me. It was the little gesture of kindness or the way they stared at their significant other when they thought nobody else was watching. I give thanks for everyone who has the courage to live their own life without fear of being themselves in every possible moment. You are inspiring to me whether you know it or not.

So there you have what I am most grateful for. All I ask of you is to take the time to do the same thing, whether it is in your gratitude journal or on a piece of paper. By placing your thoughts to paper there’s something magical that happens inside you. Give it a try and I bet you experience that same magical feeling I do.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

About the Author

John R. Salkowski is a retired Police Officer after an impressive 15 year career who is now a Highly Sought-After Leadership and Motivational Speaker and Trainer. John can speak for crowds ranging from 20-20,000 sharing his unique leadership strategies in his signature presentation:
“Leadership in the Line of Duty”
Lessons for Making Split-Second Decisions from a Cop Who Has Been in Life and Death Situations

John regularly speaks for a variety of leaders (ranging from entry level to experienced executives) for corporations, business groups, associations, colleges, universities, youth groups and sports organizations.
Pulling from his 15 years of real world, in-the-trenches (and even life and death) Law Enforcement situations, John now teaches leaders one of the most important key components of leadership (that is often overlooked):

“How to make split-second leadership decisions when the direction and success of your organization depends on it!”

John has received numerous distinguished awards for Bravery, Merit and Unit Citations. He has also received several employee recognition awards for serving as a leader within his community, including being featured in the Philadelphia Magazine as one of the area’s Top Business Leaders.

Any organization that wants to develop their people into becoming “Extraordinary Leaders” needs to hire John for a keynote and/or workshop training.

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