Is Success truly found in our Struggle?

Is Success truly found in our Struggle?

16al_header_smSometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you’ve ever been, to stand up taller than you than you ever were ~ unknown

Did you know that one of the most famous, well-known and respected men in American history at the age of 50 had never experienced success? In fact, what he had experienced was way too many struggles and disappointments. Here are just a few of the struggles and disappointments he had faced: Being forced out of his home along with his family at age 7, losing his mother at age 9, at the age 22 he lost a job as a store clerk and while wanting to attend law school, he was unable to because his education wasn’t adequate, losing a youthful love to an untimely death and at age 28 being rejected upon asking his next love to marry him, failing the first two attempts for Congress and upon being elected on his third attempt, losing his re-election two years later, suffering a nervous breakdown, losing a young son, and making two unsuccessful attempts at earning a seat in the US Senate.

One can only say, “Wow”. Quite a laundry list of struggle would provoke one to lose hope and even doubt his own ability. Yes, this entire list of struggle and disappointment is equated with just one person. After all of this contention, at the age of 51, Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States, yet unfortunately, the heart-breaking moments didn’t stop there.

Why speak of such struggle? Why focus on all of the tough times? What can Lincoln’s life teach us? What lessons can each of us learn from his agonizing experiences?

Great leaders don’t just materialize as does great success, character and integrity appear out of thin air. As Lincoln’s life demonstrates, a life full of appreciation and something worth admiring occurs only after much struggle and disappointment.

True success, creating a life that achieves contentment and inspires those around you to soar as well is something that requires a person of inner strength which is fostered by persevering through challenging times. While there are many in our world who understand this, there are far too many who believe that success comes to those who put out their hand and ask politely for it, and upon being laughed at or ignored, stomp their foot and whine. But David Bly reminds us in his precise analogy, “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.”

The truth of the matter is, whining and pleading will achieve nothing of value and possibly some pity. So instead of blaming our troubles for our inability to achieve the success we had dreamt about, why not be grateful for them and turn them into something beyond our initial imaginative desires?

Why not take it on the chin? So you were rejected, so the job you’ve desired for years isn’t hiring, so your car breaks down, so you are faced with another struggle you hadn’t planned on – look deep inside yourself, find your strength, tap into it and burn the midnight oil to make a seemingly unfortunate situation into something that will leave people inspired and with you realizing the amazing strengths you may not have known you had.

Think about this for a moment, if everything in our lives ran smoothly and not one obstacle ever presented itself, would we truly ever realize our true potential? Absolutely not!

Don’t get me wrong, times of struggle and disappointment are not something I wish for nor want, however it is in those moments when you are being tested that you can either choose to fail and remain where you are, or take it for the opportunity that it is and turn into gold.

Things worth having don’t come easy, so I leave you with a quote from the very man who faced the utmost struggle: The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just ~ Abraham Lincoln

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