Home Selling In 2020 Will be Challenging

Home Selling In 2020 Will be Challenging

A recent Realtor.com report confirmed what I have been saying. 2020 is going to be a very challenging year for the residential real estate market. In over a quarter of large cities, prices will drop and they will be flat in most other places. But a select few will outperform this because they have the planned for success and have expert talent behind them.

Ever wonder why some people are hugely successful selling their homes and others are not? There are a lot of reasons and I am going to offer a path to success.

Successful Home Sellers Sell Fast

Successful home sellers don’t just call an agent and offer their homes. They have everything in place for a quick sale and then they go to market. A home is most desirable within the first few weeks of being offered. This is why we offer the “Your Home Sold in 45 Days or We’ll Sell It for Free” guarantee. Does your realtor?

So, DO NOT put your home on the market until you have a strategy, prepared for success and have the talent in place to make it sell quickly and at the best price. I included links below to all the resources that you need including free articles and a free preview of my book, SOLD! Listing to Closing: The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide.

2020 Homeseller Resources

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