Home Seller’s Insider Secrets

Home Seller’s Insider Secrets

I was able to announce recently that the programs we put in place in recent years allowed The JRS Realty Group to grow 42% in 2019. Building on that momentum, I set a target for us to grow another 75% in 2020.

One of the elements of our approach is to share information with our clients. This helps them to be more successful and successful clients are the key to our practice.

One element of this approach what when I wrote my book, Sold: Listing to Closing – The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide.

This book is my way to employer home sellers by sharing the professional’s insider tips on how to list and sell their homes. I offered a free preview of the book on my USA Herald column at that time that over 2000 people have read.

JOhn R Salkowski's SOLD: Listing to Closing