Celebrate America’s Birthday by Celebrating Family

Celebrate America’s Birthday by Celebrating Family

America’s Birthday 

The Fourth of July is here! This day means so much to my family and me. For one thing, it’s a marker that the year is half over and reminds me just how fast time flies. This holiday also pops into my head whenever I think of summer, with images of family and friends, cold beer and swimming pools, and American flags waving under fireworks on a hot night.

While July 4th is a day for remembering our own lives and the good times, it’s primarily a day to honor our country and those who have fought to defend it. With great courage, our troops in the armed forces fight fiercely for our freedoms each and every day.

Also Their Families To Celebrate

While many of us are sunbathing, grilling, and celebrating with friends and family, our troops are working tirelessly. Many of us can only imagine what it is like to be deployed, to go months or even years without seeing those we love most in the world. For many, it is hard to grasp how these people feel.

To help myself in this endeavor, I looked online for stories of those serving in our military. A PBS “Stories of Service” video I found showed me how kids are asked to move often, spouses asked to function as single-parents, and parents wake everyday knowing their children are in harm’s way. Looking into the experiences of our military families helped me to understand that not only does the person deployed serve, but so does the whole family.

To “support the troops” means many things, and one of those should be to honor the families of our soldiers who sacrifice as well. As I celebrate with my family and friends this July 4th, I will ensure that gratitude and respect is at the center of our day, and I hope you do the same.

Happy Fourth of July!