Ask Yourself -Why Not You?

Ask Yourself -Why Not You?

Ask Yourself

For true success ask yourself these 4 questions: Why, Why not, Why not me and Why not now? – James Allen

Why not you? When I ask myself this I get the goose bumps. Why do you ask? It excites me to think, why not you, John? Everything is possible. I’ve never been a doubter of my ability. I truly feel with every ounce of my being,  I will accomplish anything I put my mind too.  You should feel the same way.

Just Existing

Too often, I see so many people just merely existing, not truly living. In turn, living a life without passion, excitement. Hating what they do for a living, saying it’s easier to stay than leave or I’ve been here too long to follow my dreams. Similarly, I’m too old. I don’t have the money or the resources and on and on. I get it. I’ve said it all before too.

But one day, I knew it was over. I knew my cop days were over. Don’t get me wrong. I loved being a Police Officer.  However, it all changed after my shooting. It did take a life changing event in my life to create this feeling I had.

Most noteworthy, I just knew I wanted to find and follow my passion, live my dreams, create freedom in my life. It’s not all about money or the about the shiny things. It’s all about living life on your own terms. So ask yourself, “Why Not You”?

The Questions

Do something new, brave and with confidence today……..why not you?

The first step in growing and moving forward is expressing what you’re grateful for……..why not you?

If your passion in life scares you, why not do the thing you fear and overcome it……..why not you?

Be that inspiration in someone’s life that needs it the most……..why not you?

Sit tall in that interview and repeat to yourself, “This job is mine if I want it”……..why not you?

Stand in front of that group, be yourself, have fun and who cares what people say……..why not you?

Stop watching negative television that puts you in a bad mood……..why not you?

Take the initiative to say hello and smile first……..why not you?

Walk directly up to one of our veterans, shake their hand and thank them for serving our country……..why not you?

More To Ask

Let go of your past, rewire your present and rewrite your future……..why not you?

Wake up every morning with a great attitude and conquer your day……..why not you?

Start a new habit, break an old one and recreate yourself……..why not you?

Block out that time to sit down to write 5 thank you letters to people who have positively impacted your life……..why not you?

Start writing your story for the book that can change the lives of thousands……..why not you?

Turn your fear into power, turn your pain into pleasure……..why not you?

Stop spending foolishly, pay off your debt and start saving for your future……..why not you?

Go get that sale and close that deal with every ounce of passion, integrity and enthusiasm……..why not you?

Turn your dreams and passion into mastery and celebrate your excellence……..why not you?

Begin today by writing down your goals and aspirations by creating a plan to achieve them……..why not you?

Continue To Ask

Take that leap of faith, take that bigger risk and set no limits on your potential……..why not you?

Rid your life of greed, selfishness and watch how your life changes for the better……..why not you?

Be a giver, not a taker and leave those you touch better than you found them……..why not you?

Rid yourself of the excuses, crush your doubts and begin to break free from the decisions holding you back……..why not you?

Wake up every day with an attitude of gratitude that every day on this earth is a blessing……..why not you?

You were born to make a difference, you were born to live life on your terms, you were born to come and go as you please, you were created to make a lasting legacy so……..why not you?

Why, Why not, Why not you; Why not now?

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John is a bestselling author on Le,adership and High Performance, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent, Daddy to Alexa and an all-around good guy who cares deeply for changing the lives of those he touches.

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